DEPOT SQUARE (next to train station)
P.O. BOX 358
(908) 766-0260

123rF-8187929_l.pngHeating Oil Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery is the most convenient way for our customers to get their heating oil. With automatic delivery, you never have to monitor your oil usage or tank levels, and you’ll never have to call or schedule a fill-up. We schedule heating oil deliveries for our automatic delivery customers using a digital degree-day system that calculates your needs based on your historical fuel usage and forecasted weather conditions. This ensures that you’ll always get another heating oil delivery before your tank runs empty. With automatic delivery, your heating oil will always be covered.

Will-Call Delivery

We also offer will-call heating oil delivery, which gives you the opportunity to schedule your deliveries. If you choose will-call heating oil delivery, it is important that you watch your fuel levels, and that you provide us with at least 48 hours of notice before we deliver your oil. 

Call us at (908) 766-0260 or contact us to schedule your delivery.

24-Hour Emergency Service

At M.J. Neill, we’re available around the clock for our customers’ emergency needs. If your heat goes out, we’ll respond promptly and send our team over to resolve your issue in a timely and efficient manner. No matter what time of day or weather condition, you can rest assured that you’ll never be left in the cold. At M.J. Neill, we're available around the clock for our Automatic Delivery Customers.

If you are in need of immediate emergency assistance, please call (908) 766-0260.
If your burner doesn’t start, follow the steps below first – you may be able to get your heat running normally and save the expense of a service call.

1) Check both switches

  • One is located near the unit, the other generally at the top of the stairs. Turn both off and back on.

2) Press the reset button once only

  • This round, red button is either located on the burner or in the control box on the flue pipe.

3) If you press the reset and nothing happens:

  • Check the thermostat. Is it set to heat?
  • Is the room temperature higher?
  • Is the cycle and time correct?
  • If you have a steam boiler, is there water in the glass tube? (Should be ½ to ¾ full)
  • If you have a steam boiler, try flushing the low water cut-off.
  • Check your fuses/circuit breakers.
  • Check to see if the motor overload button has popped out. If it has, push it in.

4) If your burner is running and there is no heat:

  • If you have forced air heat, check the air filter.
  • If you have radiators, are the main valves open?
  • If you have radiators, try bleeding them to get any air out.
  • If your burner still doesn’t start, or you still have no heat, call us to have one of our exceptional technicians find and fix the problem.